More…yes, MORE…About Me

Okay so if you even remotely scanned my Home page you probably know more about me than you would ever want to. But just in case you didn’t quite get enough, I’m going to inundate you with some more about me. I’m doing this mostly so that you can have some background as to where I come from and how I approach things so that it will make it easier to understand why my opinions are the way that they are. Plus I’m really bad at explaining who I am or introducing myself, so this is also a bit therapeutic for me, too.

So as I said on the Home Page, I’m a Florida boy. Born and raised. #FloGrown or whatever. Florida is a scary place to most of the rest of the world. That’s not the case when you live here, though. It’s really Disney-logo-png-transparent-download.png not as crazy as everyone makes it seem. And if, by chance, you haven’t heard all of the crazy shit that comes out of Florida, you probably associate it mostly with Disney or Orlando/Miami. There is much, much more to the state, though. Florida is a great place to enjoy nature and we have a pretty decent climate most of the year. All of that could change with the whole Global Warming thing, but for now, the weather is usually pretty great. Except for those hurricanes. Having lived through Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and having been displaced by it, you would think that I would hate living here. But I don’t. The hurricanes like that don’t come around very often and when they do, native Floridians don’t react the way that you would expect. We get excited and almost rejuvenated. It’s weird, but if you’re from Florida, you understand what I’m saying.

I am married. There’s something special about my marriage, though. It’s not a normal marriage. It’s a gay marriage. I know! They do exist! gay-marriage.jpg Although my marriage is fundamentally no different than any other marriage, most people don’t see it that way. So my marriage is usually a very fascinating topic of discussion when it comes up. I’ve been with my husband for 7 years and we were high school sweethearts. Corny but true! He really is the yin to my yang and I am so fortunate to have found the right person so early. So many people have to wait for so long before the right person comes along and for me, it happened right out of the gate. All of that aside, a marriage, or even a solid relationship, does take work and patience and understanding. I’ve had years of practice in doing this, and I’ll talk about that some on this blog.

So how, you ask, does the whole children thing work when you’re in one of those elusive gay marriages? IMG_2142.jpg Well for now, it doesn’t. We have a dog. A beautiful Miniature Dachshund that is the highlight of our lives. Maybe one day down the road we will decide that children are right for us, and in that case, we will most likely adopt. There are so many children out there who need a stable and loving home and I can’t see using a surrogate when there are so many children that need a home. But when the time comes, who knows what my opinion will be! In case you were interested, that’s our dog Rupert up there. He is 5 and he is absolutely the cutest most adorable dog to ever grace the earth with its presence.

Now then. All of that’s great but you’re really wondering what do I do for work. Let’s face it, we meet someone new, and we just have to know what they do for a living, as if that were the defining characteristic of that person. Yeah yeah yeah you’ve got a family and blah blah but what do you actually do? I don’t completely understand why we do this, but I am guilty of it myself. It’s something that I’m working on. Anyway…the list of what I do for work is rather frightening. I don’t even really believe that I do all of these things so I can’t expect you to. I do them, though. I promise. So here it goes…

  • Retail Operations Manager – Financial Institution (the ole grind, the 9-5, the real job)
  • Professional Organizer
  • Blogger
  • YouTuber

If that seems like a lot, it’s because it is. My “day job” is what I do for steady income. The other jobs are what I do because I really enjoy helping people and I am very passionate about helping people in these ways. Professional Organizing is my first love but I couldn’t help but to realize that I had other ways that I was able to add value to the lives of others that didn’t require me to physically be in their space. That’s where the blogging and YouTube come into play.


Now I haven’t always done what I’m doing now. So just so you have the whole picture, here are the things that I used to do…

  • Deputy Sheriff
  • Customer Service Manager for a Big Box Store
  • Community Education Assistant


So I’ve done a lot, okay? And those experiences have brought me a great deal of knowledge and skills that I enjoy passing on to others so that they can better their lives. I’m currently in the process of writing two books as well as maintaining this blog and my organization blog on my other website.

So now that we have the work out of the way, here’s what interests me on the off chance that I’m not working and I have some free time…

I adore traveling, hiking, and camping. I don’t know what it is about these activities, but I am totally hiking-backpack at peace out there. And Florida has some of the greatest outdoor activities on the planet, so there’s always something fun that you can do. I love camping on the beach or going hiking in an old cavern. And as a history buff I always enjoying hiking and exploring old forts and historical sites. Total nerd. I know.

As I said before I am very into history. I love to read about it, watch about it, and visit historical places. It’s so fascinating to me, in fact, that most of our vacations are usually planned around visiting one historical site or another. This spring we are planning a trip to visit some Native American Mounds in central Florida and I am so stoked! I’ll be sure to write about it here and include some pictures in case anyone else might like that kind of thing. I am also very interested in political science and politics in general. You might have guessed this by now, but I am a Democrat. As such, I am not super stoked about our country’s 45th President. You might get to read a little about that on this blog, too. I read a lot about the Supreme Court or SCOTUS as it is affectionately called and that’s also a major interest of mine. This all sounds so weird, I know. But I’m really only slightly crazy.

As for entertainment, 9848ac3a99c1b4c21e6d98a66a73131a_headphones-cliparts-headphone-clipart-black-and-white_600-584.png my interests are very stereo typically gay. I live and die through music and I am a big fan of Cher, Stevie Nicks (& Fleetwood Mac), Elton John, and so many of the other oldies but goodies. I don’t completely live under a rock, though, and I do listen to a lot of newer stuff, too. Alessia Cara is my spirit animal currently, but that could change at any point.  My musical interests are so varied that I pretty much listen to it all. From classic country to rap and R&B. I love it all.

I am also a fan of classic, and yet again somewhat stereo typical, TV. My favorite show of all time is The Golden Girls. That show feels goldengirlsplaneoriginal.jpg like home to me and I have watched it repeatedly for as long as I can remember. I have autographed photos from the cast (which are priceless for me now that some of them are no longer with us) and an entire wall dedicated to Golden Girls memorabilia in my office. I’m also your go-to person for any and all Golden Girls trivia. And I will win. If you haven’t seen the show, check it out. It’s filled with some great stories and hilarious anecdotes. As for other entertainment, I’m not huge on movies but there are some that I like. I mostly watch documentaries if I have the time to devote to a movie, though. I also love Scandal right now and I’m so excited that it’s just come back!

And if I’m pexels-photo-24472.jpg not working or doing any of the stuff that I’ve talked about above, I’m probably cultivating my beard. I love my beard as if it were a child, and I am very proud of it and all of it’s manly glory. #beardlife

So that’s me in a nutshell. A really weird but proudly unique person who is into really nerdy things and works way too much (although very passionately). I hope that you enjoy the content on my blog and that it adds value to you and your life even if it’s in a small way!






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