A Food Addict’s Confessional


I’ve never done this before so I’m going to just dive right in… My name is Waylon and I have a food addiction.

There. Now we’ve got that out of the way. In all seriousness, though, I really am addicted to food. It is a crutch for me. It’s the thing that I turn to when I am upset and it is the thing that I turn to when I want to celebrate. It calms my nerves and excites me in one fell swoop. I cannot express to you in words my sincere love for food. I am so addicted to food that I want to know what other people are eating even when I’m not around. I routinely ask my coworkers what they had for breakfast, what they plan to have for dinner, and what exciting restaurants they are going to visit on the weekends. I absolutely love food, okay? With that being said, living a healthy lifestyle always seemed impossible to me. It seemed like one of those things that people on tv or Instagram did but it wasn’t something that I could ever do. Afterall, I hate exercise and I love food. And that combination does not a healthy lifestyle make, my friend.



I went on believing this until about a year ago. I came across a YouTube Video from the show The Doctors. Having never watched the show, I wasn’t familiar with the format but it promised that I could live healthy and still eat oreos (which are my all-time favorite dessert) so I was all-in. I watched it through to the end and then I purchased the book. Check out that link to buy it for yourself on Amazon. Anyway it, more than any other diet I had ever seen, seemed doable. It seemed like something that I could try. And it would still allow me to eat foods that I loved and eat out at restaurants with my family without totally blowing my diet. I decided that I would try it for a week. See just how doable it was and then go back to eating like a bear preparing for hibernation if it didn’t work. It did, though. It did work. I was able to adhere to the idea of 4 – 400 calorie meals each day. And I didn’t even use the recipes from the book! I came up with my own 400 calorie meals by doing a web search. I did this for two reason. Number 1, I am a novice cook at best. I suck at it to be honest. And Number 2… I wanted to really try meals that were healthier for me. And again I say…IT WORKED. It was the easiest diet I had ever seen. Now, almost a year later, I am down 6 pant sizes and I feel better than I ever have. I’m in better shape than I have ever been in in my whole life. My whole life I tell you! It’s a truly incredible feeling to say the least. Tracking my calories was a breeze with the MyFitness Pal App on my phone that not only allowed me to input the foods that I was eating and create new meals, it allowed me to scan the barcode on anything that I bought pre-made!  And so that’s what I did. I scanned/entered everything that I ate and tried to keep my meals inside the calorie goal. That’s it for food! Incredibly simple and easy to follow and understand. Now that I’ve been doing it for  a while, I try to buy all fresh ingredients and make foods that are really wholesome and good for me, which was a goal from the start, but that doesn’t have to come until later. You can start right now and yes you can still eat at McDonald’s. Just buy a small burger and a small fry and a small drink and you’re all set! You get the taste of the things that you love and the calories that will keep your waistline in check.



In the interest of full disclosure, though, I did start going to the gym 3 times a week and there have been days, even whole weeks where the 400 calorie meal thing flew right out the window. But it started me on the right track. It gave me a simple concept to follow and it has remained easy to follow for over a year now! I will talk more about my workout ‘routine’ in a future blog post. If getting in shape or living healthier is a goal or priority for you, or you just feel like crap and you think it might help you to feel better, I am living proof that no matter how bad your eating habits, you can make a change and that change can occur in such a way that you aren’t hangry and you aren’t feeling like you’re giving up everything that you love. Moderation (I know that’s a four letter word) is a key in this diet, though, just as in any diet. But what other diet lets you eat at a fast food joint? Seriously! It’s pretty incredible. I should point out that before starting any diet or exercise routine you should consult your doctor because each body is different and has its own unique dietary needs. I should also make the disclaimer that I am in no way affiliated with The 400 Calorie Fix or MyFitness Pal. I’m making no money off of endorsing them here, I am simply trying to give you practical advice about what worked for me. I know that the solution that you need to live healthier is out there, you just have to find it! So if you haven’t tried this method, do some research and see if it’s the one for you!


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