Time Management For Beginners


Okay so you’ve read the title and you’re completely turned off by the idea, right? I mean who actually has the time to manage their time? And better yet why would you need to? Well let me answer that by saying that you will never live your best and most stress free life unless you have a good strategy down for managing your time. It is crucial to living a happy life both at work and at home. There are lots of time management methods out there and with so many to choose from how could you ever decide? I mean seriously. Search “Time Management” on Amazon and you will only get about 20 pages of results. And perhaps you have read some of these books and perhaps you have found a system that works for you. If that’s the case, good on ya! But for those of you have haven’t, this post is going to be a case study in how I manage my time. It’s not meant to be the perfect fit for everyone but it works for me and it’s super simple to follow. So here it goes.


I start by making a list. A To-Do list that is separated out by the things that I have to do and the things that I want to do. I call it the Have-To’s and the Want-To’s. This list is a place for me to get all of the things that I need to accomplish out of my head and into one place. So my list usually looks a little something like this…


You will see that on the left hand side I have my Have-To’s. These are the things that must be accomplished that day and I cannot go to sleep until they have been done. On the right hand side of my To-Do list are my Want-To items. These are things that I want to accomplish on this particular day but they take a back seat to the Have-To’s and there won’t be any major detriment if I don’t complete them on that day. Once I have compiled my list of activities that need doing, I go over to my Google Calendar (or whatever calendar you prefer to use, even a good old fashioned paper one) and start to block off my time for the day. That usually looks something like this…


You will notice that I schedule free time and it appears on my Have-To’s section of my To-Do List as well. This is because free time is a crucial piece of Time Management. I am afforded my free time because I manage my time and I want to be sure that I reap the rewards of my work. You will also notice that some of the things on my Want-To side of my list did not get added to the calendar. That’s because there simply wasn’t enough time in the day. Now at the end of the day, if I have completed everything ahead of schedule, I can still go back to the Want-To portion of the list and mark off anything that I deem doable in the amount of time that I have.


So just like that! Simple as can be. I hope that after looking at my time management system you now understand that time management isn’t some daunting or micromanage-y thing that only type A’s do. It has real benefit for anyone who uses it and I would encourage you to give it a shot if you haven’t already! If you’d like to download the weird little To-Do List that I use, you can do so below. And no, you don’t have to put in your email address in order to download it. It’s TOTALLY free.

To-Do Master List

Let me know if you like my system and if you have anything that I could do to make it better! I’m anxious to hear how everyone else manages their time.

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