“What’s In Your Wallet?” – A Look At My EDC

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed something and you didn’t have it? Some weird little something that maybe you wouldn’t use on the daily but you find yourself needing every now and then? We’ve all been there. You’re at work and you receive a package and you don’t have a knife to open it with, or you’re over at a friend’s house and you need a tool to help them fix something and neither one of you have it. Well maybe you should consider having an EDC or everyday carry pack of some kind. I know that sounded kind of like a commercial for some weird crap on late night tv. But I assure I’m no salesman. So I’m just going to share with you what I carry with me every day so that I’m prepared if the need arises. EDC is different for everyone, though, and you’ll need to carry items that would be of potential use to you based on your daily activities or routine. You’ll also need to carry them in such a way that they are not a hinderance to you. So that fanny pack, however stylish, probably wouldn’t be the best method of EDC. Sorry. So let’s dive in.


Oh and if you want to buy any of the stuff in my pack, I’ll link it all on Amazon to make it easy for you. If the items didn’t come from Amazon, I’ll link a similar one.

For me, I needed something that could stay in my truck but be easily removed should the need arise. I wanted something that I could carry with me on a hike or in my kayak, too, so it had to be rather small and durable. I decided to go with this bag:

Inside the bag I keep a myriad of items that could be of some use and that I believe most people should carry with them each day.

  1. My primary pocket knife is this little guy by Gerber. It was fairly inexpensive and has been a solid knife. It’s not too heavy so if I carry it in my pocket it doesn’t weigh me down, but it’s sturdy enough to tackle tough jobs like stabbing someone. 😛
  1. I also keep a multi-tool in my bag. I’ve used this countless times. I always need a tool for one thing or the other and this has come in handy quite a bit. The last time I used it was to change my battery and it came through for me. And can we talk about why they make it so hard to change a battery? They must know we are generally in a parking lot somewhere with few resources and many frustrations. Smh.
  1. This other multi-tool is pretty nifty, too. It’s in the shape of a credit card and would fit into some bigger wallets. It produces a knife and has a compass and magnifying glass as well as a seatbelt cutter.
  1. I also keep a larger fixed blade knife (also good for stabbing :P) in case I needed to cut food or larger ropes, etc.
  1. Then there are these nifty throwing knives. They’re pretty much for recreation but they’re really cool and could come in handy if I was in a bug-out situation and others in my group didn’t have a knife. Plus they’re really cool. Did I mention that already? Anyway I know this seems kinda scary all these knives but I like knives and I think everyone should carry at least one. They’re so handy and they save your hands in a lot of cases.
  1. I also love flashlights. I only carry two of them. One is a headlamp in case I’m in a bugout situation or I’m camping, hiking, biking, etc. It has the capability of solid white light and solid or flashing red and green light. Here’s a pro tip for you: red light doesn’t shine as bright which is good for reading/working in a car at night without illuminating yourself.

The other flashlight that I carry also has dual functionality. It will shine a solid white beam, but the other end is a traffic/emergency wand and will illuminate in solid yellow or flashing yellow and can be used to draw attention in an emergency situation or for traffic control around an accident, etc.

  1. I’ve also got a tire gauge (pictured above with the flashlight) for measuring the air pressure in my tires. I think this is another one that everyone who drives a vehicle should have. If your “dummy” light comes on saying that you have low tire pressure you should be able to see for yourself. And not all of those gas station air compressors have them, so you might also need to know how much air you’re putting in a low tire.
  1. I like to keep a good paracord bracelet in my bag, too. These are great for using as a tourniquet or for tying off things in a camping situation or any other 1000 things that you might need really tough rope/string for. This item did not come from Amazon, but here’s one that does!


  1. So now we get into the “personal hygiene” section, so to speak. There are a few things that I think are really important to just have with you to keep yourself fresh, clean and protected.

Mouthwash for that nasty breath that we all get from time to time.

Travel wipes for wiping down your face if you’re oily or wiping down other areas if you don’t have a chance to shower (especially before encounters with that special someone)

Condoms explicitly for that encounter with that special someone. These are also great to have if you’re traveling because someone always needs a condom and now you’ll be that awesome person who has one to spare!


  1. Also important is something to clean those nasty fingernails. You could definitely get by with a set of clippers, but I got this small light weight little manicure set as a giveaway and it’s perfect for throwing in my bag.
  1. Now for first aid. My kit is a hodgepodge of this and that pieced together from several larger kits that I’ve had. But here’s a good one that you can use that’s small. I like to keep q-tips in case I’m on a trip and of course bandages and antiseptic wipes. I’ve also got some gause pads and some medicines like Advil and Zantac. There’s also a couple of mylar blankets and a whistle and compass.


And that’s pretty much it. I know that seems like a lot but it’s really not. My pack isn’t overly full and its definitely not heavy.

Aside from the items in my EDC bag, I also carry the following items on my person (or in my pocket):

While not everything in my kit is essential for everyday of every week, I find myself going to the pack a lot for this or that as various situations arise. It’s definitely been a life saver for me more than one time and I think there’s a lot of value in being prepared for things that may come up. It’s that whole proactive versus reactive mindset which I think is good in most all aspects of daily life.

So I encourage you to take a few minutes to put together some kind of EDC. It may not be as expansive as mine ore you may be a full on doomsday prepper and carry supplies to last you for a year. Whatever you carry, just be sure that you are comfortable with it. And although my stuff is geared toward a male EDC, EDC isn’t just for boys. Ladies can be just as prepared as guys and they even have these wonderful things called purses that they can carry their stuff in! If you’re interested in learning more about EDC or seeing what other people are carrying, search YouTube or Instagram #EDC and see what’s out there. I also encourage you to check out everydaycarry.com. They have a lot of material on EDC and even interviews and articles about it. Do you have any EDC items or a pack? Let me know in the comments what you carry with you every day to make your life a little bit easier!



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