Stopping The Search

Isn’t it funny how the best things in life happen when you stop seeking them out? Such was the case for me recently when I was given the opportunity to work for a company that I am in love with. Although I was working for a company that telephone-mobile-to-call-attainable-40656 I really didn’t care much for, I wasn’t searching for a new employer. I wasn’t actively trying to get out because I had tried that in the past to no avail. So I had decided to simply make the best out of a bad situation. And that’s what I was doing when I received a message from a former coworker and friend inviting me to apply for a job with the new company. After reading about the position, I fell in love with it and immediately applied. After a couple of interviews and a few weeks of waiting, I got the call. I had been selected! Over the next few weeks, it was surreal to me that this opportunity had simply fallen into my lap. It was an incredible opportunity that I wasn’t even searching for. I didn’t know anything about it until it presented itself to me.


So that started me on the path of thinking. And when I put some thought into it, most of the major great things that have happened in my life were like this. They came to me when silhouette-fitness-bless-you-bike-37836 I wasn’t looking for them. They presented themselves in a way that caught me off guard. From my happen chance meeting with my now husband to spotting a house in a neighborhood that we absolutely loved and eventually living in it. All of these things happened by chance. They weren’t forced. It is so rewarding to think that the universe really does take care of you. It gives you what you need when you need it. There is, of course, some work involved if you want to make the most out of what life sends your way, but for the most part, if we let go and let God so to speak, we are given the good things. The big things. The important things.


That’s not to say that there’s never any bad stuff dished out to us by the universe. There is. But I firmly believe that each and every moment is a lesson. We can chose to learn from it or let it pass us by. But regardless, it happened for a reason and with a purpose. That’s why it really is so important to make the most out of bad situations. They mold who we are and teach us how to react when both good and bad things happen. They give us an appreciation for the good things and the good times.


I recently had a lengthy conversation with a pastor friend who had left her full-time job where we met to focus more on her ministry. She still wanted to work and earn a paycheck, though, and after realizing that she lost her sense of identity and purpose in life in her previous job, she decided to ask God to send her something that pexels-photo-372326 was more in line with her true purpose. After a couple of months of prayer and self exploration, she received a phone call. The person on the other end of the line asked her if she was interested in a position counseling at-risk youth who have been victims of sexual abuse. She knew immediately that this was what she had asked for. This was the job that would allow her to maintain her own identity and purpose. And it happened out of the blue and without any intent or effort on her own, outside of prayer. So if you are religious, let go and allow your higher power to send you what you are meant to have.


So that’s all this post is about. Appreciating the power in letting go and embracing what the universe sends your way. No matter what it is that you are searching and clawing for, take a pexels-photo-459059 step back. Let go of it for a moment. Maybe not the desire but the physical act of seeking it out. And see if something doesn’t come your way. I know it begs the question, how do I deal with what I’m currently in until the universe decides that I’m ready? And the answer is simple. If your circumstance has not changed, figure out the lesson that you can learn each and every day from your current situation. What is it teaching you that you can use down the road when that bigger and better job or relationship or whatever comes along. Explore it and explore yourself. You’ll feel much more well positioned when the goodness comes if you do.


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