How I’m Growing…As A Person

If you’re anything like me, you might be a personal growth and development junkie. Which sounds so crazy and like a really Oprah Winfrey thing to say, which may be true, but it’s so much more than that.

I am dedicated to expanding my mind and living the most well rounded life that I can so I deeply enjoy exploring my own mind and self and improving on it in one way or another. Part of that for me was becoming more healthy, for example, which I did through lots of research and studying. The time I spent learning about different ways to exercise and eat healthier was thoroughly enjoyable for me. The same is true for simply trying to expand my personality and develop traits and characteristics that I desire to have. I want to educate myself constantly and continue to grow into a better person each and every day. I love it. I am a self growth junkie. So I wanted to spend a few minutes talking about all of the ways that I am currently trying to ‘grow’ myself.


I watch a lot of  YouTube. Like a lot. I spend a great deal of time watching TED Talks and other educational programming on there because it’s so convenient and it’s all in one place! I love to learn about all of the different ways that people approach various subjects and I love hearing about new ideas or new ways of doing something so TED Talks are perfect for me. I also watch interviews and speeches by people who inspire me or whom I admire, such as Dr. Maya Angelou or Steve Jobs or, yes…. Oprah Winfrey. I’m not too proud to admit it.  These are sucessful people with beautiful minds who know more about life and the world than I do. So it makes sense for me to listen and try to soak in any wisdom that they can impart onto me. Some of my greatest ideas have come  from listening to a talk given by someone who inspires me to do something that is outside of my normal pattern of behavior. Another great platform for this is the Podcast. These are wonderful because you can turn them on in the car or while you’re at the gym or running errands and you simply listen. No physical watching involved. Because this method works so well for me, I have subscribed to Audible as well.  If you’re not familiar, Audible has a plethora of audio books that you can purchase and listen to any time you’d like. I love the knowledge and entertainment that comes from books but finding time to sit down and read them has always been a challenge so Audible is a Godsend.


Here are some of my favorite YouTube Channels related to knowledge and learning:

Evan Carmichael

Own (Master Class Videos)

Big Think



Outside of trying to soak in all of the knowledge that I can, I have recently begun to journal quite a bit. It is a great way to get all of that ‘stuff’ out of your head and on paper so that you don’t forget any of it and you aren’t burdened by it. I was inspired by this YouTube channel and I went out and bought myself a couple of journals to use for different things. I currently have a journal for each of the following:

  • Gratitude – I use this journal each night just before bed.
  • Ideas & Thoughts – I use this to get that stuff out of my head so that I can focus on other things.
  • Goals – I use this to track my goals and keep up with how I’m progressing with them.


I guess it’s worth mentioning that I am also creating  YouTube videos and blog posts on this blog as a way of self growth. I have always wanted to create content that was valuable and entertaining and through those two channels, I have been able to do just that. Or at least I believe I have. So, in a way, they are a method of self growth and expression, too.


So that’s pretty much it. A brief overview of all of the ways that I’m trying to develop myself and grow into a more well rounded person. This may seem a little less than informative but I assure you I have blog posts to come that will go more in-depth into the specifics like journaling and what books I’m reading, nay, listening to and so on. So be sure to check back for that! Whatever your preferred method of growth, be sure that you are doing something each and every day to grow as a person. It may be as simple as making a conscious effort to be more kind to friends, family, coworkers or strangers or it may be as in-depth as taking stock in your personality and doing a complete overhaul! Either way…never stop trying to grow.


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