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Minimalist Beach Gear

So we are in our 6th month of our grand minimalist lifestyle change and I have to say that it has had some pretty amazing ‘side effects’. Because we aren’t spending so much time focusing on shuffling stuff around, we are able to devote more time to the things and the people that we love. […]

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Thought Worthy

Why Do Millennials Love Minimalism?

I’ve mentioned in posts before that I am a “practicing minimalist” or a “minimalist in training”, and as such, I find that I have so much time for reflection. That’s a joke. Although being a minimalist does free up a lot of time, in true Type A fashion, I have repurposed that time to focus […]

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Why Your Style Matters

What even is style? Well our old friends Merriam & Webster define it like this: So with that being said, here’s how I define style: Style is something that represents you. It represents who you are as a person and what you ‘stand for’, so to speak. Style varies based on your interests and what […]

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