What Minimalism Means To Me

If you’ve spent any time on my website at all, chances are you have seen me refer to myself as a minimalist in one form or another. I often say I am a minimalist in training or that I am a practicing minimalist, both of which are true. I wanted to dive a little deeper into minimalism and explain exactly what it means to me … Continue reading What Minimalism Means To Me

Work Organization

  I’ve mentioned before that I am a Certified Professional Organizer. As such, I know how powerful having a well maintained organization system in your work space can be. And this doesn’t just have to mean a work space at a 9 to 5 desk job, either. All work areas can be well organized and fully functional, allowing you to do your very best work … Continue reading Work Organization

Personal Organization

  Personal Organization is something that I am passionate about. As a certified Professional Organizer, I firmly believe that through personal organization, we can all make our lives so much better! If you are interested in reading more about personal organization tips and tricks or if you are interested in my Professional Organization Services, feel free to check out my organization business website Here.   … Continue reading Personal Organization